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A snail farmer from Drôme believes he has found the key of the aesthetics of Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece. Its snail farming is utilized by the natural cosmetics business.

Inventive outrage or actual instinct? Patrice Lambert is persuaded to carry “Mona Lisa’s magnificence secret“, the well-known Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci, the Florentine genius. In line with him, it might be within the slime of the a whole lot of hundreds of snails that he breeds within the Drôme for natural cosmetics.

It’s within the tranquility of Creux-de-la-Thine, within the rural city of Albon, close to Valence, that their “Large Grey», cousins ​​of the frequent species Helix Aspersa, recognizable by their golden shells streaked with blue traces.

Its residents, glued underneath picket planks resting on the trenches of their breeding grounds, are invisible at this season. They defend themselves from the warmth to keep away from drying out. The breeder and his group water the pens at night time to maintain them cool. The gastropods are chosen and picked up in a basket for the sampling classes, completed delicately by hand with a rod.

It’s essential to stimulate its foot in order that the animal secretes in abundance threads of drool containing collagen, glycolic acid, allantoin or tubulin – soothing, repairing and regenerating proteins for the pores and skin. As soon as the mucus has been collected in a jar, the snail returns to its park.

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«At some point, I employed a younger man who was a shepherd and who had eczema on his palms. And in touch with snails within the parks for 2 years, he had none left“says this 53-year-old fanatic.
«We mentioned to ourselves: we’ve got to go discover out, we’ve got to know, we’ve got to know whyprovides the breeder, whose questions led him to Paris to seek the advice of researchers from the Nationwide Museum of Pure Historical past.

To help his concept, Patrice Lambert doesn’t hesitate to revive a persistent historic noise: “Once we attempt to retrace a bit bit using the snail in cosmetics, it goes very far actually. There’s a bit anecdote that claims that Mona Lisa was her magnificence secret, that’s it. She was already utilizing snail secretions».

From this historic hypothesis, the exercise of its “snail farm», hitherto centered on meals, has developed into cosmetics. His nice satisfaction: to have been, in 2007, the primary French snail grower licensed in natural farming.

From Vinci to the cosmetics business…

Since then, among the many 350 farms within the nation, with an annual manufacturing of 1,200 tons “energetic snails“, 15% to twenty% have poured into natural, in line with Christophe Simoncelli, nationwide supervisor of the group of producers”Dipped in».

A number of instances a day, the snail farmer checks the nice progress of the gastropods by measuring the dimensions of the shells and typically notes disparities which he explains by their massive “sensitivityto their setting. “We all know that the snail acts as a catalyst: it is rather near the bottom, it lives on the bottom and can draw minerals from it.“, explains Patrice Lambert. “The curiosity of natural heliciculture is exactly to make sure that the snail is on wholesome floor“within the context of natural farming”that provides that means to life and to the standard method“, underlines the Drômois who makes use of natural meals flour which he throws in his parks with the gesture of the sower.

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Apprehensive of “decrease animal struggling“, Patrice Lambert and his group are additionally dedicated to not “not stress» their snails when it’s time to gather the valuable mucus. As soon as processed, it prices 45 euros for a 30 ml serum, containing 93% drool.

«Snail slime is unknown to most of the people and uncommon on the face care market», explains Fabrice Pierron, the founding father of the cosmetics model «licensed natural» Mademoiselle Agathe, accomplice of the Ferme aux Snails since 2014. Satisfied of the deserves of those «wholesome merchandise“, this 49-year-old entrepreneur who claims to be on the origin of “helicotherapyin France recollects that “90% of cosmetics nonetheless use mineral oils from petrochemicals“. In 2019, the natural cosmetics market represented 7 billion euros worldwide, together with 2.8 billion in Europe, in line with its figures.

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