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“Muscle cramps at evening is a phenomenon that impacts roughly 50 % of the inhabitants over the age of sixty,” says Nitzan Primor, head pharmacist at Nova Pharma, “Individuals are sleeping at evening and all of a sudden their legs cramp, it’s excruciating ache. They attempt to stand up and stretch their legs, however the older or older persons are, the harder it’s, and the hazard is tripping and falling.’

Why is that this nightmare even taking place to us?

It seems that to at the present time, science doesn’t have a transparent reply. “Apparently the phenomenon is because of a scarcity or imbalance of minerals similar to magnesium and potassium,” says Perrymore and provides, “This occurs primarily in outdated age as a result of as we age we burn extra magnesium than we get and little by little there’s a deficiency. One of many primary unintended effects of magnesium deficiency is leg cramps.’

“It might occur to individuals of all ages”

However not solely seniors endure from this. Prior to now, they carried out a magnesium check for fight troopers within the military, and found that amongst many 18-year-olds there’s additionally a scarcity of magnesium. Even amongst pregnant ladies, there’s a important lack of magnesium, as a result of the fetus wants magnesium from the mom for the aim of constructing the skeleton and cells and depletes the magnesium in her physique. A state of utmost magnesium deficiency throughout being pregnant causes weight problems in danger, could trigger preeclampsia and untimely beginning,” he says and continues, “Even amongst athletes, they expend loads of power and “burn” magnesium, leading to deficiencies. This may be seen when in the course of a soccer recreation or a marathon they endure from ache and cramps.

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When it comes to the answer to the phenomenon, “There was an city legend in accordance with which magnesium prevents muscle contractions, and there have been numerous research that attempted to check this. Research in contrast teams of people that obtained magnesium in entrance of people that obtained a placebo, however the research didn’t observe variations within the effectiveness in stopping contractions between the magnesium and the placebo.’

In a actuality the place there is no such thing as a confirmed resolution to the phenomenon, individuals started to seek out and invent completely different and strange outdated cures. “Quinine, which is used as a drug complement in opposition to coronary heart rhythm issues, is discovered, amongst different issues, in Might Tonic. Folks would drink Might Tonic and discover that the contractions actually cease,” he says and clarifies, “The quinine permits an elevated entry of magnesium into the cells, nevertheless it doesn’t resolve the issue of the shortage of magnesium itself.”

What about bananas or spinach?

“Bananas do have potassium and a few magnesium. The issue is that as quickly as there’s a lack of magnesium, the physique compensates with potassium, and thus, along with the shortage of magnesium, there’s additionally a scarcity of potassium. Bananas might help, however they don’t resolve the issue from the basis,” he explains and provides, “Magnesium can be present in inexperienced leaves like spinach, however it’s important to eat loads of it. It’s because chlorophyll, the inexperienced stuff, comprises magnesium. The greener the leaves, the extra of it there’s in them.’


A couple of decade in the past, Nova Pharma managed to create a patented molecule based mostly on magnesium that was lastly in a position to carry outcomes, a product identified by its identify NTLC. “The product was very profitable. Prospects known as our customer support and requested what was in it, and as quickly as we informed them that it contained magnesium, they stated, ‘It might’t be, we tried it and it didn’t work,’” he remembers and elaborates, “Magnesium works contained in the cell and it seems that the majority varieties of magnesium are usually not absorbed into the cells in any respect. They’re absorbed into the bloodstream, and from there straight to the bladder, however our product is absorbed instantly into the cells and on the highest stage.’

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Success can be backed by analysis. “About two years in the past, we carried out a examine in 6 medical facilities, amongst 160 topics of all ages. This was the primary examine on the earth that proved that our magnesium does stop muscle contractions within the legs whereas sleeping. The examine was revealed in an vital medical journal and obtained many echoes, and that is truly the primary proof that we have now solved this drawback,’ he says proudly.

There are individuals for whom the product actually modified their lives. “I’ve a shopper from Haifa who wouldn’t depart the home, as a result of her muscle mass would contract continuous on a regular basis. She rang to inform me after she began consuming the product that she was actually reborn. Each vacation, like Rosh Hashanah and Passover, she calls me to say Pleased Holidays, and says that we saved her life,” he says excitedly.

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