Best Gaming Monitor Under $300

What would be the very best gaming monitor under $300?

Best Gaming Monitor Under $300

I recall the great old days of CRT monitors wherein a gaming monitor was essentially just’ a larger screen’. Today however, you’ve tons of features from movement blur reduction to low blue light filtering. Not just that, though you are able to also get budget high quality monitors which possess a 144Hz refresh rate.

In either case, the point is you do not need to separate the bank to buy into PC gaming any longer, and you will find some amazingly great gaming monitors which do not cost a leg and an arm.

Therefore, what would be the very best gaming monitor under $300?

Lets Talk About Best Gaming Monitor Under 300

Best Choice: AOC G2590FX

Gsync and freesync

Tilt-only adjustability

Screen Size: 25″
Resolution: 1080p
Panel Type: TN
Refresh Rate: 144Hz
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Response Time: 1ms

AOC G2590FX Review

The very first monitor on our list is likely among the better priced types, mainly as a result of the reality that it is not from a huge name brand. Do not let that set you off though, since it is really an excellent small screen. Most likely the biggest selling point over the AOC G2590FX is it’s both Freesync and G-Sync, so whether you are Nvidia or AMD, you are likely to get a great deal from this display screen.

Thankful though, that is only some, and the display is fairly good. Color reproduction is great, though definitely not the very best, with 96% coverage of the sRGB spectrum. Additionally, it does not utilize some particular tech to regulate brightness, that sits at 400 nits, therefore you do not get any flicker. Response time is great at 1ms, as well as input lag can be almost imperceptible at 4ms.
With regards to customization and selection, you’ve the whole range that comes standard with many monitors. Refresh rate is able to go as many as 144Hz and most of the way down to 30Hz in case you wish to allow variable refresh rates, that you are able to do with adaptive sync.

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Similarly to the more price intensive Dell S2716DGR, that means that you are able to play both low energy and huge resource intensive games without having to be concerned about tearing on the screen of yours.

Connectivity is great, with a single DisplayPort 1.2, 2 HDMI 1.4, a VGA port along with a headphone jack. Unfortunately, adjustability is bad with just a tilt feature and no rotate or maybe height adjustability. Fortunately it comes with VESA mounts, which means you are able to always work with your very own stand.

While the AOC G2590FX may have the issues of its, particularly the tilt adjustability, it is really an extremely great monitor for the cost you are paying. If you would love to dip the toes of yours into gaming monitors, then this’s best gaming monitor under 300.

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