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A disturbing story was revealed yesterday, after a lady who underwent fertility remedies found that the fetus that was returned to her was not hers, and the Ministry of Well being opened an investigative committee on the matter. Lawyer Michael Elnathan, an knowledgeable in medical malpractice, was a visitor at this time (Thursday) on this system of Aryeh Malinyak and Liat Ron and commented on the case: “Ultimately we’re speaking about tort claims – we’re speaking about compensation, about harm and what the harm is. There’s a very massive distinction right here if the fetus ultimately sees the sunshine and is born, and a state of affairs the place an abortion is carried out. If we’re in a state of affairs the place the fetus is born, then the compensation for the household can be such that it could attain tens of millions, assuming that it’s a case of extraordinarily extreme disabilities.”

“These compensations will go to the girl who gave start to the fetus or who carried the fetus in her womb, and naturally, further compensation may even be given for the ache and struggling of the opposite lady to whom the fetuses belong. She may even obtain compensation of 1 variety or one other, it’s tough to evaluate this since you go to the judges and every decide evaluates it in a method Totally different, nevertheless it’s a stunning case, simply stunning,” he added.

Alantan was requested how it’s doable to carry out an abortion on a child that doesn’t belong to the dad and mom, and he replied: “Past this indisputable fact that even when in the long run the organic dad and mom are discovered and even when in the long run they are saying ‘sure we conform to carry out an abortion’, the query is whether or not the Ministry of Well being will approve the efficiency of the abortion as a result of there are particular circumstances that should Based mostly on them, an abortion could be accepted, and if the girl doesn’t meet these circumstances, she will be unable to have an abortion even when everybody needs it.”

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He emphasised the individuality of the state of affairs: “This isn’t a state of affairs the place there’s a lack of the fetus as a result of the medical group was fallacious. Here’s a state of affairs the place the girl was put in a state of affairs the place she has to resolve whether or not she needs to have the abortion sure or not and if she does have the abortion come It was stated that she would undergo very, very extreme psychological harm.”

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