500 stung when uncommon storm brings out swarm of scorpions in Egypt

A uncommon storm in Egypt over the weekend introduced not simply flash flooding however a flood of scorpions washed out of hiding.

The town of Aswan, positioned alongside the Nile River , skilled a heavy rainstorm that solely lasted an hour, in line with The New York Instances . Past the 100-plus properties broken or destroyed, 500 individuals have been stung by scorpions, resulting in a rush of individuals going to hospitals for anti-venom injections.

“Floods that have been affected by Aswan led to scorpions popping out of the slaughterhouses within the mountains to style some villagers,” a Fb moderator named Nubia posted on Fb.


Three individuals died from {an electrical} wire that collapsed in the course of the flooding, however none perished from scorpion assaults.

Scorpions are frequent in Aswan in the course of the summer season when it is heat, though the variety of stings reported over the weekend was distinctive. Sometimes dozens of stings are reported annually.

Twenty-four several types of scorpions reside within the deserts of Egypt , nevertheless the kind that got here crawling into the properties within the torrent are often called deathstalkers, which have a sting that may kill youngsters and sicken an grownup to the purpose of demise.

All victims have been discharged from the hospital after receiving the anti-venom, in line with the New York Submit .

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