Penn Badgley was amused by Laura Ingraham’s viral ‘You’ phase

On Tuesday, Ingraham misunderstood FOX Information contributor Raymond Arroyo when he referenced Badgley’s Netflix present, considering he was speaking about her.

Arroyo introduced up the present whereas speaking about woke tradition, and talked about an episode involving measles. Ingraham replied with, “Wait, wait, wait — when did I point out measles?”

“I do not know. It was on You,” Arroyo replied.

Ingraham then requested “What was on me?”

This went on for practically two minutes, as Ingraham continued to disclaim she ever had measles and Arroyo attempting to elucidate.

“There is a present known as ‘You’ on Netflix,” Arroyo stated, to which Ingraham responded, “There is a present known as Laura Ingraham on Netflix?”

The clip made its approach to Badgley, with the actor tweeting, “It is gotta be a bit. Dude is dedicated, he truly made me lol, however watch how he waits for her to chop him off.”

Then Netflix joined the enjoyable replying to Badgley’s tweet, “100% a bit.”

“Thanks @PennBadgley! (Your supply is fairly nice as effectively.),” Arroyo replied. “Now please do not #YouNetflix kill all my associates!!”

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